Portbury Knights

Dungeon delving escape

Our heroes released the captives in the crypt including a highly irritable Halfling named Sly. Having no way to leave the island they decided to inspect the crypt a bit more finding family crest symbols from far away lands, some of which were familiar to our misplaced heroes.

Inspection of the crypt found that the sarcophagi contained skeletons. The Sarcophagus at the head of the crypt also contained a lever which opened a secret passage leading yet further down. Unfortunately this also awoke the 2 skeletons whose slumber had been disturbed and in the ensuing fight, a Goliath who had been captive joined the fray to assist. The door back up to the island also shut and the lights went out.

After the skeletons had been dispatched the Goliath introduced himself as Oo’me of clan Farg from the Northmarches.

With nowhere to go up, our heroes went down instead, finding a secret passage that appeared to go all the way under the sea to the mainland. Down there they found, defeated and questioned two tieflings who were guarding a storeroom, find that this passage did indeed lead to the mainland.

As they went to inspect more of the area there were screams from above in the crypt but also sunlight and the familiar voice of Captain Zack Swallow evacuating the refugees but there was a more immediate concern, Skeleton warriors were pouring down the stairs to our heroes.

Oo’me, the powerful Barbarian warrior stood his ground barring the way so the heroes could make their escape down the lift shaft.

The lift descended, the heroes last sight being Oo’me, battling hard, covered in blood, sword still swinging and a pile of bones at his feet.

Darkness met them when the lift stopped, a cool draft swept through the space before them. Inspection of the area met a terrifying discovery, a dragon!

With no options left available our heroes ran through a narrow passage through which the dragon could not pursue…



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