Portbury Knights

The Keep at Shadowfell

The group heads south, trying to make its way towards the Free City to look for a person called Sly. On leaving the valley they locate the Old Kings Road and make good progress. Along this road they meet a merchant caravan and after filling up with provisions they discover that just on from them is a town called Winterhaven, which is suffering from being preyed upon by banditry.

The companions then continue south. Osrik the dwarf warlord then takes his leave needing to research a clue that he discovered about his homeland among the wares of the caravan. The dwarf heads north and the group continues south. Entering the valley which contained Winterhaven. They come across a scene of a battle. A collapsed Dragonborn paladine and a number of Kobolds. After a battle the Dragonborn called Rhogar accompanies the group to Winterhaven. Eventually he reveals he is searching for a dwarven battle-brother who had come to the area looking for a dragons tomb and hearing that death cults were operating in the area. This dwarf called Dauven Stahl has gone missing.

As they continue towards the town, a dark sense of coming evil descends on the valley.

Arriving at Winterhaven the group meet a number of residents and question a few of them about evil in the valley. Many of residents deny any evil in the area, apart from an elven hunter called Ninaren, who directs the party to waterfall that she believes the evil might be coming from.

The group also meets the lord of the town, Padraig who directs the heroes to rid the area of the Kobold menace, the pay being 100gp.

At the tavern the companions meet Valthrun, an elderly man dressed in grey robes who tells them of the Keep of Shadowfell, and shows the map which shows the location of the keep and a dragons burial site, where Dauven Stahl was last seen heading.

Valthrun explains to the group that the Keep is never visited by the locals. The reason being 80 years ago Sir Keegan the knight of the keep went mad killing all within, including his wife and child. Valthrun then refuses to tell any more.

With map in hand the group head towards the bandit lair where a mighty battle took place. For many many hours the fight ensued, but eventually the leader, a goblin called Irontooth was slain.

Within the treasure of the goblin, they find a letter mentioning a spy within Winterhaven and that somebody called Kalarel is opening a rift for Orcus to send servants to the valley, and dwarven chain mail, recognised as belonging to Dauven Stahl.

The hero’s then find themselves at the burial site…



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