Portbury Knights

The Keep on the Shadowfell

*Everything changes*

The hero’s descend into the Dragon Burial ground and confront a Goblin Skulk and his drake guardians. During the battle they are ambushed by an evil halfing. However the heros prevail and vanquish the enemy but the halfing slips into the undergrowth and escapes.

The hero’s find an ordinary mirror that is mistakenly believed to be involved in a summoning for Orcus. They also find Dauven Stahl the dwarven friend of Rhogar. The Dwarf tells of the Shadowkeep and how there is a gathering evil.

Stahl also mentions that Valthrun (the old wise man) from Winterhaven knows much more. However as Stahl is about to reveal the identity of the Orcus spy in Winterhaven, the halfling returns and shoots Stahl with a crossbow bolt, through the head.

Recovered from the scene was an amulet of health.

The companions then return to Winterhave, receive the 100gp from Lord Padraig for defeating the Kobolds and they speak with Valthrun.

Valthun tells them a story of the keep, how eighty years ago, servants of Orcus were sealed into a dimensional rift and the Shadowfell Keep was built over it to guard the rift and its occupants. However due to events at the Keep, including Captain of the watch Sir Keegan going mad and killing everyone, people have long forgotten the purpose of the keep and become complacent. But now an Orcus worshipper, Kalarel has entered the keep in an effort to break open the dimensional rift. Kalarel appears to be close to finishing the ritual, time is of the essence now.

With purpose the heros make there way to the keep, and find it occupied and in the underground levels, Goblins. They defeat them and then take a fortunate turn discovering a dark passage way populated with Zombies.

Fighting their way through, the group find themselves at a heavy ornate curtain. Beyond this there is a flickering light and the sounds of chanting. With great courage the dragonborn paladine cuts down the curtain and enters a large ornate room, a cathedral to evil.

There they find a ceremony in progress. Rivers of blood on the floor are powering a ritual to break open the seal on the portal where many evil things lurk. The hero’s also find Kalarel and two skeleton warriors.

Kalarel explains that he is opening the portal to allow the demon and undead servants of Orcus to feed on the people of the world. A great fight then ensues. But Kalarel is too powerful and overcomes the companions. In the last desperate act, the group act as one, the elf steps on to a colleague who has collapsed in the river of blood and makes a mighty leap to force Kalarel backwards from the safety of his magical ring of protection. Kalarel stumbles back towards the opening of the portal and is consumed by the demon emerging.

The demon is massive, dog faced, fangs dripping with blood, clawed hands and feets. As it bursts free from its prison, Kalarel is propelled back into its jaws.

Screaming rage Kalarel is taken back into the portal. The heros survive but have failed to seal the dimensional rift. Evil is free to roam the land once again and Orcus is now alot closer to his ulimate victory.

With the power of the portal released, the crumbling ruins of the Shadowfell keep collapse preventing the group discovering the treasures that lie within. But the party escape with their lives to find a world very much changed. Still there is this heavy feeling of impending doom, but this time it is a lot stronger almost palable.

Winterhaven has been destroyed, the residents slain, dark clouds of evil are descending. The party then rests and sleep. They have a shared dream of a doorway being fully opened, and a voice of an old man, sounding disappointed, telling the heros to get to the Free City and seek out Sly.



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