Portbury Knights

The not-so-free city...

Inadvertent swashbuckling...

Upon arrival on the outskirts of the Free City, Rhogar, the Dragonborn Paladin took his leave of the group to seek out the advice of the Pelorian priesthood. He suggested that they look for his brother Bhalor, a blacksmith whose shop was down near the docklands.

Bhalor, a hulking brute of a Dragonborn, black-scaled like his brother, was marginally helpful. His in-depth knowledge of the anti-slave movement was useful to a point. Sly had set off to free slaves with a raiding party a week prior to the heroes arrival but had not yet returned. Bhalor suggested that the heroes look up a captain whose ship would be sailing for the same waters on the morrow. Captain Zack Swallow was to be found at the Wailing Wench most likely.

The heroes first visited the trade district, taking in some wares at the pricey but well-stocked Tiamon’s Adventurers Emporium, owned by the jovial gnome Tiamon, a former slave.

They then went to find a tanner and bumped into the Dwarf Untam who was also perusing the wares at the tanner’s. He joined back up with them when they mentioned they were headed to an inn.

By the time the heroes had got back to the docklands and found the Wailing Wench (via a few other inns) it was late. The Wench was much as you’d expect a dockside tavern to be with this many ships in port. The crowded bar was just about big enough to make room for a decent brawl that had broken out between five angry patrons and one very inebriated man.

While the Tiefling took to dancing on the bar for gold, the other heroes decided to muck in and the fight broke up quickly when it was realised that this group weren’t willing to fistfight. The drunk turned out to be Captain Swallow. The group took him outside to sober him up in the fresh air then took him to ‘his’ ship… The Sable Drake was a grandiose ocean-going tall ship, beautifully kitted out and curiously unguarded. The heroes left the captain sleeping in the expensively furnished captain’s cabin while they spoke to the ship’s only occupant, the cabin boy.

The heroes learned that their suspicions regarding the finery of this ship not meeting their impressions of the captain were accurate and it actually belonged to an Admiral Barrington who was staying as a guest in the Government district tonight. Some silver-tongued trickery from Varis fooled the cabin boy into believing that Barrington had given orders to set sail immediately.

The promise of ‘twice the going rate’ bought the hands of five (rather drunk) sailors from a nearby tavern to man the ship and, with a little difficulty they made it out of port. Captain Zack Swallow seemed strangely sober suddenly and took the helm.

By morning they reached the shallow treacherous waters of the Sunbathed Isles, south of the Hound. There they went by longboat to the island which was thick with an unnatural mist.

The island was remarkable due to it’s sole structure being an old half-ruined temple of Pelor. Outside the temple the heroes battled with ghosts before entering the temple which had been defaced with symbols of Orcus, the skull-headed staff.

Inside was a strange sight to behold, a young woman in robes of white and gold knelt praying at the altar in front of a floor-to-ceiling stained glass window depicting Pelor’s symbol of the sun. She was young and beautiful with blond hair and an innocent smile but the group were too suspicious of her nature being in here. Under questioning she transformed into a Succubus, a temptress devil and turned the group on each other with her powers. Eventually they were able to overpower her though.

Below the temple in a secret crypt the group found Sly and about 30 others bound and gagged…



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